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Diana Will Movement Mortgage

Diana Will: The Road to the Top 1% is Paved with Gratitude

By Jason Will | September 24, 2021

So proud of my babe, Diana Will! She crushed her presentation at Impact Agent Conference + Mastermind 2021. Here’s some of my favorite quotes from her talk: “I knew I needed to make money, and I knew I needed to talk to as many people as possible to be successful.” “I knew I could dial…

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Realtor Social Media Tips

What to post on social media?

By Jason Will | September 21, 2021

I have heard it all before. So many excuses about why real estate agents don’t post authentic, valuable, and consistent social media content. You don’t know what to post on your social media channels. I happily created this t-shirt to simply it for you. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and your social media content will…

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JPAR Training Podcast

The Art of Lead Conversion

By Jason Will | August 31, 2021

New JPAR Coast & County Podcast Episode on the “Art of Lead Conversion” Stop blaming the leads and start scrutinizing your approach. I say this A LOT: “The leads aren’t junk, your process is.” This episode could be the catalyst for the creation of a life by your own design, so give it a listen…

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JPAR Birmingham Training

The Five Marketing Buckets

By Jason Will | August 31, 2021

Did you miss this and want access to the replay? **The 5 Marketing Buckets for Real Estate Listings** This is an ideal training for real estate agents that want to learn how to conduct an effective listing presentation, as well as how to turn their listings into a catalyst for internet lead generation and ultimately…

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Internet Lead Conversion

What You Say Matters!

By Jason Will | July 22, 2021

Lead Generation is easy!   These days all you need is a credit card to flood your CRM with leads. Converting those leads into qualified appointments takes mastering the Language of Sales.   The Jason Will Real Estate Team and JPAR Coast & County invite you to join our weekly lead conversion training. Before you…

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JPAR Real Estate Training

What is Jason Will University?

By Jason Will | July 19, 2021

Jason Will University is synonymous with JPAR Real Estate Training. I love when our JPAR Coast and County tribe members send me text messages of gratitude for our online real estate sales academy aka Jason Will University powered by Lightspeed VT. This is a private, invitation only training portal, but you don’t have to be…

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JPAR Real Estate Training.

On-Demand Real Estate Agent Coaching

By Jason Will | June 11, 2021

Need a Coach? Better yet, do you have someone to call for help when it really counts?  In my opinion, On-Demand real estate agent Coaching is the future of our industry? Does your brokerage offer the sales and marketing training required to direct multiple income generating lead streams into your real estate business? Do you…

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JPAR Coast and County

Come for the Pay Raise, Stay for the Culture!

By Jason Will | January 29, 2021

I love seeing all the 2020 agent production graphics in my newsfeed. For many, it was their best year ever in real estate. For most, I believe this year has the potential to be even better. It is fun for me to see you succeed, but it hurts to know what you left on the…

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JPAR Real Estate 2020

JPAR Coast and County Real Estate 2020

By Jason Will | January 20, 2021

So proud of my tribe and thankful to all those who trusted us with their real estate goals in 2020. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in 2021 as we grow in our four JPAR Real Estate Alabama locations: Fairhope, Alabama Mobile, Alabama Gulf Shores, Alabama Birmingham, Alabama JPAR Real Estate’s Core…

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Real Estate Agent Routine

What’s the Game Plan?

By Jason Will | November 12, 2020

Relentless Routines are the only “Magic Bullet” when it comes to successful real estate careers.       It’s not sexy or exciting process…       Yet, the freedom that comes with building an insanely profitable business is well worth the mundane nature of the beast!  

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